Friday, August 25, 2006

Stacks of bleak

UPS dropped off the boxes from Oasis CD this morning. I popped one in for a listen and they sound great! Oasis did a fantastic job on the art screen printing too. I've dropped the first batch to our distributor, so they will be available for sale online soon.
Two have been sent to MRR as well, and the review should be in issue #282. If you're interested in ordering copies of MRR (MAXIMUMROCKANDROLL for the uninitiated) look here. Our ad starts running in the current issue (#280)


Chris Wilder said...


The site is up, the CD's are out, and somehow, Bush is still in office. Let's see if we can sell a few of these discs before our beloved nation decides to bomb Iran.

It's funny...25 years of punk rock and at the time of my life where I'd be most inclined to feel patriotic (and in many ways I do), I've never felt more ashamed of my country and of being an American.

Also ironic that most of my time served in MDC was during the Clinton Administration. Remember those times? When we had a president that could think, who sometimes did the right things, and who didn't cause death and shame with the same ferocity happening today? I picked a funny time to be in MDC.

Where is MDC today, after 25 years? Lucky for us, STILL AROUND:

10:20 AM  
Mark Tippin said...

I've re-created Chris' link here: X-Con Ron's Official MDC Homepage 2

10:40 AM  

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