Thursday, August 24, 2006

Welcome to the machine

It's been about 21 years since I started the band. I think my biggest reason for starting the band in the first place was so that I could make cool Tshirts with skulls and shocking graphics. And cool flyers. We're just about ready to launch the new album - CDs should be here tomorrow. The ad is running in MRR (issue #280) and we'll have a review in issue #282.

A huge "thank you!" goes to my wife who has supported me through the reforming of this band and the many, many hours of mixing and mastering the 13 tracks for "bleak." She had to listen to these tracks 100s of times in short little bursts as I cleaned up vocals, tried out various effects and tried to find the "magic mix" for a great sounding master. The results are pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Another huge "thanks" goes to Chris and Todd who were so enthusiastic about reforming the band in 2000, and stuck with it for the next 5 years as we weathered the implosion of the economy in the Bay Area, the 9/11 attacks, relocation to new living quarters and picking up all the pieces and starting over. The fact that we were able to track all the songs in less than two days is a testament to their musical talent and psychic short-hand in working out arrangements with each other. I guess being brothers and having toured with STIKKY and their various band projects have given them the ability to cut to the chase and make music happen pretty efficiently.

Welcome to "not your pawn" - the record of the third incarnation of ANXIETY. And beyond.


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