Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, so far the response to "bleak" has been very positive. It's hard to have any perspective on something that you've been this close to for so long. I've had the various mixes burned on CD-Rs, blaring in my truck for well over a year, so there's no way I can have an objective opinion.

Two of the first CD packages assembled were shipped to MaximumRockNRoll for a review, and that should be coming out in issue #282. If they like it, great. If they don't I'll be curious to hear why. Either way, I'll post their comments here.

We put together a flyer that folks are welcome to download, print, photocopy and post. This says a bit about where the album is coming from and has the information on where to find more information and where to order it. I'll probably post some around "Hangtown" for what it's worth. I see mohawks and some leather jackets around from time to time. (They could be tourists for all I know.)

I did run into some cool skaters from Lake Tahoe the other day. I had a copy of the CD in the truck and asked them if they'd be interested in giving it a listen and shooting me some comments. When I asked if they had email - they shuddered and said, "Computers scare us." I could be relying entirely too much on the web to reach the folks that would enjoy our message the most. Again, if Forrest and his buddies send me any comments, I'll share 'em here.

On another note, I finally heard from Corin Stiggall after many, many years. He was the bass player in the second incarnation of Anxiety and moved on to graduate from Juliard and do some big-time gigs in NYC. When I get caught up with him, I'll post some links to his projects. Super-freakin' talented man. Jim Monack, the drummer from ANXIETY v2.0 also paused on his travels in Uganda to hop on CD-Baby and pick up a copy of "bleak." It will be waiting for him when he returns to DC to start his teaching gig this fall.

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